Food Packaging

This is where bottlers, resellers and self-marketers come to find storage jars, bottles, cans, labels and all the accessories they need.




Industrial Packaging

Buckets, canisters, hobbocks, cans as well as barrels and bottles – containers needed by filles for chemical or technical products.




About us

Dosen-Zentrale Züchner GmbH is today’s perfect link between packaging manufacturers and food-trade/filler-plants on one side and distributors of chemical-technical goods to the market on the other. The company supplies annually in excess of 90,000 pallets of individual packaging to trade partners and the filling industry. Apart from the over 100 million items of sheet-metal, glass and plastic packing which the company based in Hilden, Germany commissions and distributes in accordance with customer specifications every year, increasing emphasis is placed on additional and individual services such as labelling, printing and sales-ready packaging, even for minimum quantities. Dosen-Zentrale today is the leading partner for such brands as WECK®, Bormioli and for screw-top glasses and other accessories for activities such as canning and homemade food or baking in glass.

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The Dosen-Zentrale Züchner GmbH in Hilden,Germany (DZH) today has one essential unique selling point, which is the individual packaging of the most diverse (mixed) minimum production runs. In practical terms, this means that due to our size we have a vast range of products available which puts us in the position of being able to supply the client with individual minimum-quantity batch sizes. That distinguishes us from small specialist suppliers but also from big manufacturers. Add to this our additional and value-added services (such as the design and production of labels) andsuch a combined portfolio makes us the ideal partner for your business. Particularly with regards to our "sales-ready" POS-Solutions for the food industry, Dosen-Zentrale is the leading company in the entire German-speaking area in Europe, especially for the canning market.

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Tin, Glass, Plastics

Starting off as a manufacturer of metal cans, we have gradually evolved into a modern trading company over the past few decades dealing with sheet-metal, glass and plastic packaging. Adapting to differen target groups, requirements and markets, we have set up two company divisions: Food packaging (Glass jars, bottles and accessories for the food trade, fillers and self-marketers, and Industrial packaging – the majority of which comprises metal and plastic packaging – for the chemical industry, pharmaceutical partners, the building industry and other industrial partners.

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Hygiene station

Since the end of 2014, our Hygiene Station for foodstuff and chemical/technical (ct) packaging has been operational. This enables us to adopt the same high standards as packaging manufacturers and we can warrant the supply of individual lot sizes for minimum quantities or replace the often voluminous packaging for small containers.

For the development of our own Hygiene Station we adopted the HACCP- and IFS-criteria of Jokey Plastik with which we have maintained a long-standing business relationship.

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We have established our own Graphics Department and a modern digital print station. We are now in the position to produce decorative labels, product information leaflets and stickers for product labelling or safety or warning notices. We are also able to label glasses, bottles, cans and buckets for you on request.

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