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Customised fulfillment up to the POS

Dosen-Zentrale Züchner GmbH in Hilden, Germany (DZH) is a modern link between packaging manufacturers and two major target groups: food retailers/self-marketers/bottlers and distributors of chemical and technical filling products.
As a business partner of Jokey Plastics, Superfos, Kautex Textron, Pirlo, Huber, WECK®, Bormioli Rocco and many others, Dosen-Zentrale Züchner  offers a wide range of products in these business areas for large, medium and small customers.
By developing into an added-value and packaging specialist (Einkochwelt, POS solutions, hygiene station, label supplier), our company is not only a wholesaler but has increasingly become  an ideas generator, fulfillment specialist and expert partner.

The beginnings of Dosen-Zentrale Züchner

One of our advertising cards from times past
One of our advertising cards from times past

Now with over 200 years of experience in the field of packaging, the Züchner family, known for manufacturing cans, founded Dosen-Zentrale Züchner in Leipzig in November 1934 as a retail and distribution company. In the following decades, the company grew and moved to Düsseldorf and then finally to Hilden. The family company gradually developed from a can manufacturer into a powerful commercial and service enterprise. 

The original core business of deliveries to butchers and butcher suppliers continuously expanded to include new customer groups.

Today, as a purely B2B company, we mainly supply tin, glass and plastic packaging and labels to butchers, farm shops, self-marketers and major food retailers as well as industrial bottlers.

More service for our customers

Main entrance - Lise-Meitner-Straße 10, 40721 Hilden
Main entrance - Lise-Meitner-Straße 10, 40721 Hilden

After selling off the can production, the company has undergone a massive change over the last 20 years, first shifting to become a purely wholesale and foreign trade company for tin, glass and plastic packaging and finally becoming an expert partner for tailored batch sizes, customised packaging and sales-promoting value-added services.

This has created attractive benefits for manufacturers and customers. Nowadays, the usual large industrial quantities wanted by packaging manufacturers in the areas of tin, glass and plastic are being order-picked and delivered based on individual needs as partial quantities, in accordance with established hygiene and quality standards. Retail is supplemented by customer-specific services such as the design and production of secondary packaging and labels and the development of customised POS solutions, sales-ready packaging and logistics services.

Close cooperation with WECK and Bormioli Rocco in the area of food packaging (glasses, bottles, cans) has created synergies with canning and homemade foods. See also Einkochwelt.

Expansion and Social Commitment

The history of Dosen-Zentrale Züchner is a story of growth. This can also be seen in the continuous expansion of our areas for storage and order picking. After the construction of two new halls in Hilden in 2013 and the use of a new external warehouse, we now have over 35,000 m2 of space.

Many of the individual work steps of small-batch packaging can only be done manually. For this reason, Dosen-Zentrale Züchner has been working with several disability workshops in the region for 20 years (see also Social Commitment)

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