Social Commitment

As a family company, we are first and foremost committed to our customers and employees.

In addition, we also believe our company is morally obligated to be involved in the community with disadvantaged people.

Since 1996, we have continuously employed the use of social enterprises for people with disabilities to do packaging work. Despite reservations and initial setbacks, we have succeeded in building up a regional network. Thanks to the motivated work of the workshop managers and the careers themselves, we have been able to create trust and cooperation.

After 20 years of involvement, we have developed a cooperation that is characterised by performance and trust. A large number of disabled people now work in partnership with Dosen-Zentrale Züchner. We are proud to provide these workers with daily employment.

Since 2015, we have gathered these activities under the “fairpacken” name, then we go a step further. With our partners, we discuss and work on quality standards, better processes (from a human point of view) and challenges to our business. “fairpacken” is a registered trademark and in the medium-term should be used as a seal of approval for “Packaging Services in Cooperation with People with Disabilities”.

Since September 2009, the social enterprise has managed an external warehouse of about 3,000 m2 in Erkelenz for Dosen-Zentrale Züchner. With personnel support from Hilden, the warehouse was at full capacity within two months.

From 2013 to 2015, two groups with more than 20 employees were integrated into the daily packing processes at the Hilden location. We are happy to offer this opportunity to other institutions and are currently attempting to speak with regional social enterprises. Please contact us if you are interested.