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Nowadays, it is not always sufficient to simply “package” a product. Modern packaging must reflect the quality of the filling product, and the design must be attractive to the customer. Glass is a material that meets all of these requirements. Glass packaging can easily be customised to a wide variety of filling products thanks to the various sizes and shapes. They are a taste-neutral, attractive and flexible packaging solution.

Modern glass packaging offers a broad spectrum of uses. They not only promote the shelf life of food, but can also be used in restaurants for serving and arranging. Our wide range of products will captivate you. You will find more information on the following pages.

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We offer bottles from WECK® and Bormioli Rocco (Swing clip-lock bottles, Quattro Stagioni twist-off bottles) as well as twist-off and cork bottles from other manufacturers. In the overview, you can find our various sizes and shapes for juices, homemade lemonade, vinegar or oils as well as for liqueurs, schnapps and other uses.


Bottles with screw caps

Bottles with cork

Swing-top bottles


WECK, Bormioli Rocco and more

We offer a wide range of products from the traditional German brand WECK, the Italian brand Bormioli Rocco and other glass manufacturers, especially twist-off jars and bottles.

Bormioli Rocco

jars and closures

jars and closures

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Download the bottles-product overview as a PDF:

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