Metal packaging for food fillers

Metal packaging for food fillers

Metal packaging is one of the oldest types of packaging and is still considered the most durable for food. The classic food can still offers protection and lasting quality for sausages, fruit and vegetables etc.

Food places special requirements on its packaging. In the end, quality, nutrients, flavour and appearance must be preserved. Metal packaging lives up to these high standards in every respect. High-quality tinplate gives the can its premium protection function. The elastic inner coating ensures that the contents keep their integrity, even if the can is dented. The small accidents of everyday life simply bounce off the can. And its stability is not only an advantage for consumers. It is also damaged much less often during transport from the filler to the store. Metal packaging is also sustainable, because it is 100% recyclable. They can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality. Old cans can always become new products in a closed material cycle.

We offer cans with neutral and printed lids in various sizes and designs as well as containers, buckets, tubs and hobbocks.

Open-top lids and open-top cans


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