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We offer customised labels for your packaging. We work with your designs and complete plans, or we work together with you to create something new. We take care of the technical implementation in-house, thanks to our modern digital printing technology, including stamping and laser cutting systems.

We are also happy to do the labelling for your glasses, bottles, cans and containers.



Modern digital printing technology

With a modern label printing machine, it is possible to take a single customised label in any form and produce numbered, personalised series, batches and barcodes/EAN codes for several hundred thousand units with the push of a button. This is particularly important for labelling requirements in the food sector as well as for the “technical” labels with processing and safety notes.

For standard formats, the labels are directly punched out and then applied exactly according to specifications. Individualised special formats, e.g. logos, buildings, fonts, hearts, stars or similar designs, can be cut to contour with our laser-cutting machine. For our labels, we use various papers and cardboard up to 450 g/m2 as well as thermal paper and films.

Professional layouts

If you would like to have a new design or want to adapt your existing label layouts, our graphics team would be happy to answer your questions. We help you design the right label for your product.

Whether you want functional, traditional or unusual, we work with you to develop a solution that fits your company and products and perfectly reflects your company. The colours and designs will of course be chosen to match your corporate design.

We would be pleased to show you more examples, advise you and quickly work your ideas up in-house. Talk to us!

Mr Waldemar-Peter Kaiser: +49 (0)2103/9897-475
Mr Fabian Blumberg: +49 (0) 02103/9897-440

for butcheries, bakeries and foodfillers
for craftbeer, wineries etc.
for industrial goods and more

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Food labels

We design and print jewelry and decoration labels, product identification and more.

Industry labels

We design and print product identification and instruction labels for chemical/technical products, e.g. for bucket, cans, containers, hobbocks and bottles. Also with a barcode, batch number or as a thermal label on request, so you can customise it later.