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Mr Waldemar-P. Kaiser:
+49 (0)2103/9897-475

Mr Fabian Blumberg: 
+49 (0)2103/9897-440

Hesko labels are now available

Hesko Etiketten jetzt bei der Dosen-Zentrale Züchner GmbH

"Hesko" labels have been available at Dosen-Zentrale Züchner since 2014.

Effective 1 April 2014, we acquired the name rights and operational business from Hesko-Etiketten GmbH, Hammersbach. Hesko was one of the leading suppliers of butchers’ labels, but also supplied bakeries, florists, handicrafts businesses, bottlers and dealers with labels.

As a wholesale and retail specialist with decades of experience in the packaging industry and the packaging service, we offer you all the quality and the services previously provided by the Hesko company.

Moreover, we have a graphics department consisting of a creative graphics team that can advise and support you, not only if you need to modify existing print data, but also if you would like to redesign your labels, letterhead, business cards etc.

If you have specific questions about current contracts or orders or even new enquiries about your "Hesko labels", our consulting team is available at the following phone numbers: