Labels for technical filling goods and more

We offer labels and stickers for product identification, safety instructions for manufacturers and bottlers of chemical/technical liquids, viscous or solid filling goods as well as granulates etc.

Our services:

  • Graphic revision of existing labels Redesign of labels
  • Neugestaltung von Etiketten
  • Digital printing
  • Thermal labels
  • EAN code according to GS1
  • Customised formats with the laser contour cut
  • No additional costs for printing plates



Standard, thermal and customised identification

Standardetiketten, Aufkleber, Warenkennzeichnung und Sicherheits- bzw. Prüfhinweise


We supply standard labels, revise existing labels in accordance with the technical and legal requirements and design your new labels, stickers, product identification labels and safety/testing instructions.

Our 10-person team of graphic designers, consultants and printing experts would be happy to advise you. As an expert partner, we are on your side when it comes to technical implementation and reliable printing processes.



Wide range of products

We process adhesive papers and films up to a maximum width of 320 mm on the roll. We stock all standard materials in white, neon colours, silver and gold as well as various paper types and films.

For thermal transfer labels, we can use white, coloured and transparent materials. In addition to the CMYK 4-ink colour printing system, we can also print with white and acrylic/special colours in a single operational process.

Industry labels

We design and print product identification and instruction labels for chemical/technical products, e.g. for bucket, cans, containers, hobbocks and bottles. Also with a barcode, batch number or as a thermal label on request, so you can customise it later.