Labelling systems: Time and cost advantages in no time

Our manual and semi-automatic labelling systems (BenchMARK series) offer immediate time and cost advantages. They are particularly suitable for seasonal demand, small and medium production quantities and for mobile and flexible use for different container sizes.

For many years, these labellers have been used worldwide by wineries, spirit and food fillers and bottlers, chemical companies, laboratories and testing institutes.

Label your products properly with these semi-automatic labelling machines. Errors such as wrinkles or an uneven progress can be avoided with significantly less time and personnel costs.

We offer three model versions tailored to your needs:

  • Bench MATE™ - manual labelling, entry-level model
  • BenchMARK™ - semi-automated solution for small to medium print runs
  • BenchMAX™ - semi-automated labeller with extensive accessories



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» BenchMATE™



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» BenchMARK™



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» BenchMAX™