Product consultation

We always have several thousand products in the tin, glass and plastic packaging segments available and in stock. We can also order any product for you from one of our numerous suppliers. We are pleased to present you alternatives, news and complementary products. Working with our consultants, we also help you determine your optimal order quantities.

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One thing that differentiates us from the competition is our customised packaging of small batch sizes and multi-product sales solutions. Thanks to our broad product portfolio as well as our time-tested structures and processes, we can offer ideas, goods assortments and ready-to-sell solutions optimally tailored to your needs.


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Product design

Our goal is to increase your sales. Our experience tells us that two things are important: the right (informative, sales-promoting) product identification and the right outer packaging/product presentation. In the last few years, we have successfully implemented both of these things in many projects and developed them even further with our customers. We are pleased to provide you with options and ideas.

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