Social commitment

WfbM cooperation for almost 25 years

Trustful cooperation in a network

As a family business we are first and foremost committed to our customers and employees. Additionally, we also consider it a moral obligation of our company to make a social commitment to disadvantaged people. Since 1996, we have therefore continuously commissioned sheltered workshops with packaging work. Despite many reservations and initial setbacks, we have succeeded in establishing a regional network. Through the motivated commitment of the workshop managers and the individual supervisors, a meaningful and trusting cooperation was established.

Since September 2009, the sheltered workshops have been managing a 3000 square meters external warehouse for Dosen-Zentrale in Erkelenz. With personnel support from Hilden, the warehouse was able to be fully utilised within two months. At one time several groups with more than 20 employees were integrated into the daily packaging processes at the Hilden site. Oriented to changed framework conditions and legal regulations or individual requirements, this work was outsourced again some time ago to almost 30 locations throughout North Rhine Westphalia. 

With the commitment of those responsible, a cooperation that is characterised by motivation and trust has grown over almost 25 years. Today, a large number of disabled people work for the Dosen-Zentrale as part of this partnership. We are proud to be able to offer them daily employment.

Since 2015, we have been bundling these activities under the name "fairpacken" and have even gone one step further. Together with our partners we discuss and work on quality standards, improved processes (from a human perspective) and last but not least on business challenges. Fairpacken is registered as a trademark and in the medium term is to be used as a seal for "packaging services in cooperation with disabled people". As a packaging wholesaler, careful use of resources and sustainability are not just buzzwords to us. In our interaction with suppliers, customers and our daily work, we have been striving for years to make our contribution to reducing waste and creating material cycles…