Le Parfait swing-top jars

Instructions for use of Super Bocaux and Super Terrines

Valid for all Le Parfait swing-top jars INOX and LPS:

Clean product carefully before use

Application conditions:

  • heat treatment of sterilisation, up to 121°C for max. 1 hour
  • Super Bocaux: not suitable for temperatures below 0°C
  • Super Terrines: freezer-safe, please note thermal shock!

Food category:

Suitable for contact with the following kinds of food:

  • dry
  • wet/watery
  • sour
  • alcoholic (max. 50% v/v)
  • oil- or fatty filling goods

Super Bocaux are not suitable for:

  • frozen or deep-frozen food
  • ice cream

Further indications:

  • thermal shock [ΔT]: max. 60°C
  • suitable for baby food
  • dishwasher-safe (INOX: withour rubber ring, LPS: only jar)

Keep label in case of later queries.