Tin cans

The packaging material is able to get into contact to these types of food:

  • Watery, fatty or oily foods
  • Sour foods (pH value < 4,5)
  • Hot or cold filling, with or without steaming
  • Subsequent pasteurisation (up to 100°C) or sterilisation (up to 121°C)

Is generally vald for all articles:

  • Not suitable for alcoholic filling goods
  • Not suitable for highly aggressive filling goods (e.g. silver skin onions with a SO2 content up to max. 100 mg/kg)


  • 73 and 99 mm open top cans and lids: Suitable for meat products and ready-made meals
  • 153 and 230 mm open top cans and lids: Suitable for vegetables and sour filling goods (pH value 3.5 to 6.0 and acid 0 to 1.2%)

Filling: 15 to 75 °C
Storage: Long-term storage at room temperature