Plastic shovels and funnels

Instructions for use of silicone funnel Pavoni

Suitable for contact with the following kinds of food:

  • watery
  • sour
  • alcoholic (max. 50% (v/v))
  • fatty

The funnel is dishwasher safe: it is recommended not to use aggressive or grease-dissolving detergents.

  • Temperature range: -40°C to +230°C
  • To avoid cut injuries or abrasion the funnel should never get into contact with a knife.
  • Do not place the funnel directly onto a heat source (e.g. fire, electric grill, glass ceramic plate, cooker or a hot plate).
  • Do not use abrasive products for cleaning
  • The funnel is not suitable for oily foods.
  • Clean product carefully before use.

Keep label in case of later queries.

Instructions for use of Hünersdorff products

Material: HD-PE

Suitable for the following kinds of food:

  • solid
  • watery
  • sour
  • fatty
  • alcoholic (up to 10%)

Duration and temperature of treatment and storage if contacted with food:

  • long-time contact/long-time storage: 10 days at 40°C

Further indications:

  • Clean products before first use