Screw caps CT

Instructions for use

Clean product carefully before use

Application condition: pasteurisation heat treatment, up to 100°C for max. 1 hour  (except: 2000 - 3800 ml jars: max. 70°C).

Food category:

  • especially suitable for jams
  • If a defined glass volume (minimum filling quantity) is exceeded, the lid is suitable:
    ▪ for alcoholic contents (max. 50 % (v/v)). Please refer to line A of the table below for the respective minimum filling quantities for your lid diameter.
    ▪ for products containing oil or grease. Please note the minimum filling quantities for your lid diameter from line B of the table below.
Screw cap size [mm]     Minimum filling A [ml]     Minimum filling B [ml]
56 219     283
70 252     420
86     483     288

- Oven / hob: unsuitable
- Microwave: Jar suitable, cap unsuitable
- Storage at room temperature or below
- Temperature shock [ΔT]: 42 °C
- Freezability (down to -20 °C) applies to 40 ml, 80 ml, 200 ml and 320 ml jars
- For hot filling: Observe the vacuum indicator (button) to check the boiling-in result. The button is retracted when a vacuum of > 0.3 bar is present.
- For successful canning, the caps may only be used once.
- The jar is dishwasher-safe. Wash the cap by hand.
- Risk of glass breakage due to rapid temperature changes! Allow hot jars to cool at room temperature. Use a towel as a base.
- Always touch hot jars with suitable heat protection.
- Please keep the packaging in case of queries.
- Please ensure that the preserving process is carried out properly to guarantee the safety and quality of the preserved food; this applies, among other things, to the risk of botulism:
  ➢ (Please pay particular attention to the preventive measures under point 1)
- We accept no liability for damage caused by improper handling or by applications that deviate from the intended use.