Screw caps Le Parfait Familia Wiss

Instructions for use

  • Remove and clean vacuum lids with hot water
  • Place rubber side of the lid on the filled jar and close with screw cap
  • Consider duration and temperature according to the recipe
  • Allow the jar to cool down after preserving and lift the screw cap
  • Separate tools needed to open the vacuum lid

Application condition:

Heat treatment max. 115°C - max. 1 h without counterpressure.

Suitable for contact with the following foodstuffs:

  • moist, aqueous
  • acidic
  • processed meat products (e.g. ham, salami, bacon, sausage...) or in paste or cream form
  • oil- and fat-containing products (from a glass volume of 630 ml)

Temperature shock [ΔT]: max. 42 °C

Suitable for:

  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave

Not suitable for freezing

Screw lid only suitable for canning in conjunction with the vacuum lid.

Clean the product carefully before use

Please keep the label in case of later queries