Screw caps past

Instructions for use

Clean product carefully before use

Application condition: pasteurisation heat treatment, up to 100°C for max. 1 hour

Food category:

  • especially suitable for jams
  • from a filling volume of 83 ml onwards suitable for alcoholic filling goods (up to 20%)
  • Exceeding a defined jar volume (minium filling) the screw cap is suitable for oily or fatty filling goods. If your product is marked with a batch in the form of a letter followed by a number (e.g. U 1234), please refer to line A of the table below for the respective minimum filling quantities for your cap diameter.
    If the batch of your lid has the addition "-p2" (e.g. U 1234-p2), please note the minimum filling quantities from line B.
Screw cap size [mm]     Minimum filling A [ml]     Minimum filling B [ml]
43 142     125
48 117     117
53     177     167
58   192     183
63     213     200
66   350     247
70   370     267
77   393     290
82   420     328
89           337
100           358

Application instructions for optimal closing

  1. Preheat screw caps in a warm waterbath of approx. 65°C for min. 15 minutes.
  2. Make sure the glass mouth is clean.
  3. Ensure that the filling temperature of the product remains constant.
  4. Avoid air pockets in the filling good (change/cancellation of the vacuum).
  5. Make sure there is sufficient head space between the product and the lid (vacuum formation).
  6. It is essential to keep the seam-cam distance.
  7. Regularly check the locking security.
  8. Difference between internal and counter pressure less than 0.7 bar during autoclave processing. 

Check of closing safety: brochure „Verschließsicherheit bei Verschlüssen“ (German)

For a successfull preserving screw caps have to be used only once.

Screw cap is not microwave-safe.

The lid is not dishwasher safe.

Please keep label for further questions.