Quattro Stagioni twist-off jars

Scope of application

temperature range:

  • all jars or bottles (except for 2000 bis 3800 ml): max. 100°C, max. 1 h
  • jars 2000 bis 3800 ml: max. 70°C

suitable for these kinds of food:

  • watery, sour
  • fatty or oily
  • alcoholic < 50%
  • milky (for USA FDA max. 3%)

use restriction for 200 ml and 320 ml jars 86 mm:

  • not for food and sauces that are conserved in oily liquids
  • not for food that consists entirely of fats and animal or vegetal oils

use restriction for 40 ml and 80 ml jars 56 mm:

  • not suitable for fatty or oily, alcoholic (< 50%) and milky (for USA FDA max 3%) food

oven/stove: unsuitable

microwave: jar is suitable, lid is not

storage: at room temperature or below

temperature shock [ΔT]: 42°C

freezer-safe: up to -20°C, is valid for 40 ml, 80 ml, 200 ml and 320 ml jars

Further instructions:

  • For successful preserving (hot fillings) lids have to be used only once.
  • Clean product carefully before use.
  • The jar is dishwasher-safe. Wash lid by hand.
  • Risk of glass breakage with rapid temperature changes! Allow hot filled glasses to cool at room temperature. Use a towel as a base.
  • Always touch hot jars with a suitable heat protector.
  • Please keep the packaging in case of queries