WECK rubber rings

Instructions for use

Filling goods: The rubber rings aren't recommended for oily filling goods. Natural rubber is incompatible with oil, it gets wavy and looses its elasticity.

Instruction for the durability of rubber rings: Rubber rings can be stored for about two to three years. The general storage conditions should be:

  • Storage areas for rubber rings should be kept cool and dry. The temperature of the storage area shouldn't exceed 20 °C nor fall below 10°C. The non-compliance with the recommended temperature ranges shortens the durability of the rubber rings.
  • All rubber materials must be stored outside of calorific devices and/or heating devices.
  • The relative humidity shouldn't exceed 65%.
  • Keep rubber materials always away from direct sunlight and other light sources with UV radiation properties. Direct sunlight and/or UV radiation cause a premature aging of the product.
  • A test certificate regarding the dishwasher safety of the rubber rings doesn't exist. Nevertheless many years of experience in the food industry (thermal stress in autoclaves up to 130°C) and several discussions with users of preserving jars show that you should expect no negative impacts due to the use in the dishwasher.
  • The temperature range for the use of the rubber rings is -24 to 120°C.
  • Rubber rings are not microwave safe.