Glassware and jars

Glass – a real all-rounder

Today it is no longer always sufficient to simply "pack" a product. Contemporary packaging must emphasise the quality of the bottled product and appeal to the consumer with its design. Glass combines all these requirements.

Thanks to its shape, size and variety glass packaging can be individually adapted to a wide variety of products. Glass offers a flavour-neutral, attractive and flexible packaging solution. Modern glass packaging can be used for a wide range of applications. It is not just used to preserve food, but can also be employed in the catering industry to serve and arrange food. As glass packaging is reusable it receives additional positive attention in the context of resource conservation and sustainability.

We are one of the leading suppliers/wholesalers of jars and bottles in German-speaking countries.We offer a wide range of preserving jars, standard and decorative bottles as well as lids, closures and decorative accessories from brands like WECK® from Germany, Bormioli Rocco and Luigi Bormioli from Italy or Le Parfait from France. You can have glass products delivered as a "standard version", i.e. neutral in a carton or on pallets (e.g. for bottlers and self-marketers like farm shops or beekeepers), or as a "designed, ready-to-sell retail solution"  for resellers including private labels. We offer numerous presentation possibilities for advertising campaigns or year-round placement that go well beyond the topic of preserving.   

Find out about the variety for yourself on the following pages. We would be happy to advise you by telephone on +49 2103 9897-0 or you can arrange an appointment with us in person. You can find preserving recipes and tips for delicious dishes in a WECK® jar on our Einkochwelt® page ( 

WECK®, Bormioli Rocco, Le Parfait and more

We offer a wide assortment of the traditional German brand WECK®, the Italian brands Bormioli Rocco and Luigi Bormioli, the French market leader Le Parfait and other jar manufacturers, especially in the field of screw-cap jars and bottles.

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