Screw caps, closures, corks

It’s the screw cap that makes a glass special

Screw caps and closures for glasses and bottles in different decorations, sizes and forms

Using a decorated screw cap a simple glass gets a special object, but it isn’t only nice to be offered marmelade or sausauge jars with a decorated screw cap instead of a simple white, golden or red and white checkboard screw cap. The main specific aim is to distinguish your offer from the competitors and to show something new or your own work.

In our assortment you always find more than 50 motifs ­– motifs with one colour such as white, red, golden, blue and black, chequered motifs and screw caps with ornaments, writings or seasonal decoration. The screw caps are available in variations with compounds that withstand pasteuration or sterilisation. Beyond we offer more than 50 pattern motifs ready to be used by butchers, farm and beekeeper shops, manufactories, bottlers and resellers.

Furthermore we design new screw caps on our customer’s behalf. In our in-house graphics department we develop every week butcher screw caps includig the company’s name and logo, screw caps for sales promotions of resellers or individual designs for bottlers. Just give it a try and use our pattern screw caps to give a new look to your top glasses (82 mm mouth).

Besides screw caps for twist-off jars we offer as well screw caps and corks for bottles.

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