Screw caps for high-rim jars

For high-rim jars with a diameter of 66 millimeters we offer special screw caps that are pasteurisation-resistant up to 100°C. This type of screw cap is also called deep twist-off (DWO) screw cap. We sell our screw caps for high-rim jars in colours of silver, copper rosé and gold. Furthers colours are available on request (without restrictions).

  • Lid past, d205

    Lid past, d205

    Size: 66 mm

  • Lid past, d212

    Lid past, d212

    copper rosé
    Size: 66 mm

  • Screw cap for high rim jars

    Lid past, d204

    Size: 66 mm

  • Lid past, d202

    Lid past, d202

    Size: 66 mm

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