Twist-off screw caps past

Screw caps withstanding pasteurisation

For preserving, hot filling, conserving and pasteurising you need so-called pasteurisation-grade screw caps, i.e. the sealing compound inside the lid closes the glass perfectly at a temperature of 91°C. Before the processing clean the screw caps with hot vinegar water. In any case don't use detergents or put the lids into the dishwasher (the sealing compound is porous and for sure you don't want your preserves taste like soap). Before closing the screw caps should be preheated in very warm or hot water for a couple of minutes. Please use a screw up just once. Using it more frequently your jar might not be sealed as the sealing characteristics decrease if the screw up is heated again.

Our past screw caps are suitable for "oleaginous fillings". Don't use the screw caps at temperatures beyond 100°C. For sterilisation at 120 to 123°C you need screw caps sterile, e.g. for meat and sausage products.

The indicated sizes refer to the diameter of the glass mouth (in millimeters).

  • Lid past, d202

    Lid past, d202

    Sizes: TO 43, 48, 53,
    58, 63, 66, 82

  • Lid past, d203

    Lid past, d203

    Sizes: TO 43, 48, 53,
    58, 63, 66, 70, 82, 89

  • Lid past, d205

    Lid past, d205

    Sizes: TO 43, 48, 66

  • Lid past, d225

    Lid past, d225

    dark red white checkered
    Sizes: TO 43, 48, 58,
    63, 66, 82

  • Lid past, d241

    Lid past, d241

    Sizes: TO 66, 82

  • Lid past, d242

    Lid past, d242

    fruit with kiwi
    Size: TO 66

  • Lid past, d243

    Lid past, d243

    Sizes: TO 43, 48, 58,
    63, 66, 82

  • Lid past, d282

    Lid past, d282

    Alpenchic Berries
    Sizes: TO 43, 48, 58,
    63, 66, 82

  • Lid past, d316

    Lid past, d316

    Size: TO 82

  • Lid past, d317

    Lid past, d317

    purple with dots
    Size: TO 82

  • Lid past, d318

    Lid past, d318

    Green checkered with flowers
    Size: TO 82

  • Twist-off screw cap pasteurisation

    Lid past, d319

    Sizes: TO 58, 63

  • Lid past, d341

    Lid past, d341

    Pattern of flowers
    Size: TO 82

  • Lid past, d333

    Lid past, d333

    Size: TO 66, 82

  • Lid past, d350

    Lid past, d350

    red chequered – home made
    Size: TO 82

  • Lid past, d356

    Lid past, d356

    Sizes: TO 82

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