Twist-off jars dodecagonal

Dodecagonal twist-off jars are quite special. They are appropriate for marmelades, sauces and dips, take-away, breakfast buffets and seasone prickled specialties. Moreover they are more delicate than hexagonal twist-off jars and by far not as ordinary as "normal" twist-off jars.

Here you find crew caps with different decorations for your dodecagonal twist-off jars. We would like to design and produce individual screw caps with your comany's logo or seasonal and regional motifs. Please contact us.

Are you interested in labels for your dodecagonal twist-off jars? Our graphics department would like to give you advice on design and implementation. Our in-house digital printing plant is ready to produce your labels.

  • Twist-off jar dodecagonal

    45 ml jar dodecagonal

    (1.6 fl.oz)
    Lid: Ø 43 mm

  • Twist-off jar dodecagonal

    120 ml jar dodecagonal

    (4.2 fl.oz)
    Lid: Ø 53 mm

  • 240 ml Zwölfeckglas

    240 ml Zwölfeckglas

    Deckel: Ø 58 mm

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