Twist-off jars oval

Oval twist-off jars are still quite uncommon, but naturally that's why they are very attractive. If you have to buy twist-off jars oval ones are a good choice as they distuinguish themselves easily from the wide range of common twist-off jars. Oval twist-off jars are ideal for small portions, for seperate salad dressings, for regional and seasonal specialties and as a self-made present. Moreover we offer you individuell screw cap decorations and labels. Do you have any questions about it? We are pleased to help you.

  • Twist-off jar oval

    106 ml jar oval

    (3.7 fl.oz)
    Lid: Ø 48 mm

  • Twist-off jar oval

    212 ml jar oval

    (7.5 fl.oz)
    Lid: Ø 58 mm

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