Twist-off jars bulbous

Twist-off jars für marmelade, jam and other self-meade delicacies are not supposed to be always round. If you prefer twist-off bulbous instead of round, we can offer you a selection of different types and volumes we always keeop on stock. Different sizes are possible on request.

Please have as well a look at our assortment of sterile screw caps and screw caps with pasteurisation-resistant compound.

  • 212 ml "Ball"

    212 ml "Ball"

    Deckel: Ø 58 mm

  • Twist-off jar bulbous

    235 ml "jelly-glass"

    (8.3 fl.oz)
    incl. lid: Ø 63 mm gold

  • Twist-off jar bulbous

    258 ml jar round

    (8.8 fl.oz)
    Lid: Ø 82 mm

  • 415 ml jar round bulbous

    415 ml jar round

    (14.6 fl.oz)
    Lid: Ø 82 mm

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