Preserving tradition since 1900

WECK is the traditional German preserving brand. Since 1900 those four letters and the strawberry logo stand for home-made food. They can be used for preserving, food storage and fermentation. But much more can be done with WECK products: appetizer and desserts, dips and dressings, fresh salads, smoothies and even baking in round-rim jars

We offer the complete assortment of the traditional German brand WECK. As one of the largest trading partners in German-speaking countries and Europe, we offer WECK jars and bottles in small quantities, carton-packed in standard household quantities or industrially packed goods as well as all WECK accessories.

You can find interesting facts about the WECK preserving process, WECK’s history and WECK recipes on our website www.einkochwelt.de/en/.

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