WECK® deco jars

WECK® deco jars – bulbous, voluminous and simply beautiful. Currently WECK® deco jars aren't used primarily as preserving jars, but get more and more popular for starters, salads, bowls and the presentation of special dishes in households, restaurants and catering. And still WECK® deco jars are ideal for decoration.

  • WECK deco jar

    220 ml deco jar

    (7.7 fl.oz)
    Lid ∅ 60 mm
    Art-No.: #902

  • WECK deco jar

    560 ml deco jar

    (19.7 fl.oz)
    Lid ∅ 80 mm
    Art-No.: #901

  • WECK 1 liter deco jar

    1062 ml deco jar

    (37.4 fl.oz)
    Lid ∅ 100 mm
    Art-No.: #748

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