Sheet metal/metal packaging

Sheet metal packaging is regarded as one of the oldest and still one of the most resistant forms of packaging, both for chemical/technical goods and foodstuffs. Metal packaging offers a high level of safety and protection for the contents. During storage, during transport, against mechanical stress as well as against light exposure and long term exposure to extreme temperatures or strong temperature fluctuations.

High-quality tinplate (tinned sheet steel) gives the can its first-class protective function. The inner coating guarantees that the contents remain undamaged even if dents occur. "Little everyday accidents" simply bounce off the can. And their stability is not just an advantage for consumers: Less goods are damaged during transport from the bottler to the store. In short: Metal packaging is a good choice when it is important to store contents “stably” for a long time.

Metal packaging is also sustainable because it is 100% recyclable. It can be recycled again and again – without any loss in quality. In a closed material cycle, old cans are turned into new products again and again. This is real resource protection.

Sheet metal/metal packaging for food and chemical-technical filling goods

We supply tin cans with neutral and printed seamed lids, cans, pails, canisters, buckets, tubs and hobbocks for food and chemical contents, if desired also with hazardous goods approval.

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Plastic and metal packaging for industrial productions, laboratories, testing institute, reserve samples etc.