Flat-top drums

Completely safe

For technical liquids

Flat-top drums are a form of cylindrical packaging with a flat, even top surface (i.e. no neck or funnel-like "lid") made of metal. We supply tinplate drums in a blank design with a carrying handle and plastic closure or sheet metal screw connection. This technical packaging is used for liquid contents, including hazardous substances such as oils, thinners and varnishes etc. 

Some of our flat-top drums are UN-approved, the test number is embossed on the container. We are also happy to create and print individual stickers, labels and product identification for your metal packaging.

If you have any questions about technical characteristics, order processing or delivery conditions, please contact us.

  • Flat-top drum

    Flat-top drum

    5,0 l (176.0 fl.oz) and 30,0 l (1055,9 fl.oz)