Carrying comfort up to 60 litres

A hobbock is a form of metal packaging with lateral carrying handles – in contrast to buckets, which only have one carrying handle.

A hobbock is particularly suitable for being carried close to the body by two people. Hence the maximum size of 60 l volume. According to some sources, the name is derived from the fishing village Hoboken near New York. The fishermen are said to have carried their catch to the market in these "hobboks”. According to the German dictionary, however, the name is derived from the English company Hubbuck.

Only safe as a system with clamping ring and safety device

Today, hobbocks are primarily used for chemical/technical goods, e.g. granulates, powders but also viscous and pasty contents. Hobbocks are usually closed with a lid and a clamping ring. This tension clamp is again secured with metal or plastic splints. The UN or hazardous goods approval always refers to the complete system consisting of hobbock, lid, clamping ring and safety device (please take this into account when ordering!). We offer hobbocks made of tinplate and sheet steel.

  • Tinplate hobbock

    Tinplate hobbock

    20,0 l (703.9 fl.oz) - 30,0 l (1055.9 fl.oz)

  • Steel sheet hobbock

    Steel sheet hobbock

    60,0 l (2111.7 fl.oz)