Lever-lid cans, press-in lid cans

The typical paint can...

Lever-lid cans are made of tinplate (tinned sheet steel) in a blank finish with a seamed-on ring and have a press-in lid. It is the typical, i.e. proven packaging for chemical contents such as lacquers, paints etc. For products containing solvents, we offer cans without an inner coating, for products containing water (e.g. acrylic lacquers) there are so-called acrylic lacquer ring cans with a special inner coating (see below). The cans are tightly sealed by the press-in lid. The lid is levered open with a suitable tool. Lever-lid cans are very well suited to retention samples.

Press-in lid cans

Press-in lid cans, also known as plug lid cans, are very easy to empty as they have no ring or rim. The rim of the body curls to the outside. The maximum opening (corresponds to the diameter) is therefore ideal for viscous, solid and pasty products. Our cans are "blank" made of tinplate, or painted gold. These containers have a high degree of seal tightness and protect the contents, such as putty or grease, perfectly. Note: Cans without an internal coating are not suitable for products containing water. We recommend lid safety clips as accessories for storing and transporting filled cans. Details can be found in our product overview (download see below).

Press-in lid cans do not have hazardous goods approval. If you require metal packaging with UN/hazardous goods approval, we will be happy to offer you alternatives. If you have any questions regarding technical specifications, order processing or delivery conditions, please contact us directly.

  • Lever-lid can

    Lever-lid can

    45 ml (1.6 fl.oz) - 1000 ml (35.2 fl.oz)

  • Acrylic lacquer ring can

    Acrylic lacquer ring can

    250 ml (8.8 fl.oz) - 1000 ml (35.2 fl.oz)

  • Press-in lid can

    Press-in lid can

    250 ml (8.8 fl.oz) - 1000 ml (35.2 fl.oz)