Hygiene station

Factory sterile, as if from the manufacturer

In our hygiene station we pack plastic packaging "factory sterile, as if from the manufacturer". By doing this we maintain the high standards of packaging manufacturers and guarantee them especially for small quantities or otherwise often voluminous packaging of small containers.

Industrial hygiene standards also for small quantities

Our own hygiene station for plastic food and chemical/technical packaging has been in operation since the end of 2014. This enables us to adopt the high standards of the packaging manufacturers and guarantee individual solutions, especially for small quantities or otherwise often voluminous packaging of small containers.

We developed our hygiene station according to the HACCP and IFS criteria of Jokey SE with whom we have a long-standing business relationship.

In technical terms, it is about counteracting the static properties of plastics and repackaging from bulk packaging into smaller batch sizes or packaging in sales quantities, e.g. for small and medium-sized bottlers according to the manufacturers' hygiene standards. The packaging area is therefore equipped with hygiene locks, an overpressure system and a special floor coating. The packaging work is of course carried out in hygienic protective clothing. Regular hygiene inspections of the packaging - both in a specially equipped internal laboratory and by accredited institutes - and cleaning work on the premises according to a fixed hygiene plan ensure additional safety. We are therefore providing an additional service that large manufacturers are increasingly outsourcing and smaller providers are usually unable to provide themselves.

Michael Schmitz, Head of Marketing and Communication Jokey SE: "As a leading manufacturer of food packaging, consumer safety is our top priority. A high level of hygiene awareness and strict adherence to hygiene measures are therefore a matter of course for Jokey, and we also expect this from our partners in all downstream distribution channels. With its new hygiene concept, Dosen-Zentrale is setting a new standard in small quantity packaging"

There are customers for "factory sterile small quantities according to manufacturer standards" in the food sector as well as in the field of chemical/technical packaging. Our clientele among medium-sized companies and manufacturers in the food industry in particular have been asking for a solution of this kind for a long time. But this is also an attractive solution for smaller paint, lacquer and chemical manufacturers, especially in the segment of specialty production and special filling, to be able to guarantee a high standard of hygiene without having to invest in the necessary measures themselves.

With the hygiene station and the services we have already mentioned, such as individual labelling, small quantity distribution and packaging, we offer significant added value. These are often labour-intensive or highly specialised solutions that could only be implemented by the packaging manufacturers and bottlers themselves with a relatively high level of effort, processing, quality assurance, etc.