Preserving in Fido jars

Sustainability is very popular nowadays and preserving is one of the most sustainable methods of conservation. Using swing-top jars like Bormioli Rocco's Fido jars you don't leave behind any packaging waste. Moreover preserving in several Fido jars at the same time you need a relatively small amout of energy.

    Fido jars: Preserving without prior knowledge

    You can use Fido jars to conserve fresh food in salt and vinegar and to produce pateurised tinned food and jam in a simple and quick manner. If you use Fido jars for preserving you don't need any prior knowledge. This is a short instruction:

    Step 1: Filling the Fido jars

    • Cook and let cool down the filling good
    • Fill and shut the Fido jars
    • Always use Fido jars with a new rubber ring

    Step 2: Fido jars in the waterbath

    • Put filled Fido jars into a pot and add lukewarm water
    • Boil Fido jars and keep the prescribed timeframe
    • Let Fido jars cool down in the cooking water

    Step 3: Check the vacuum

    • Has a vacuum been created? Check it opening the swing top of the Fido jars
    • If swing top and Fido jars remain connected there is a vacuum

    Step 4: Consumption

    • For consumption remove rubber rings from Fido jars
    • The vacuum is released and Fido jars can be opened

    Instructions for use

    • For pasteurisation just use Fido jars with a maximum capacity of 50.7 fluide ounces (1,5 litres)
    • Before cleaning the Fido jars in the dishwasher remove the wire clip
    • Fido jars can be reused, but rubber rings should only be used once
    • Rubber rings for Fido jars shouldn't be brought into contact with 100% fatty substances