Small quantities

Small quanttiies starting at one PU, mixed orders are possible

Just choose what and how much you need

One of our key unique selling points, especially as a wholesaler, is that it is possible to purchase small quantities from us. This is especially advantageous for our smaller and medium-sized customers. Manufacturers, as well as some other retailers, have relatively high minimum order quantities or minimum order values.

In short, you can place orders with us from one packaging unit (1 PU) upwards. These are usually carton-packed jars or bottles. The quantity depends on the respective article, i.e. 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or sometimes 30 or 48 pieces. It can be covered flexibly and at short notice (including by carton shipment or general cargo delivery). We also offer you the option of placing cross-article and cross-assortment orders, so-called mixed orders or mixed pallets. In contrast to many manufacturers and industrial suppliers, we can also supply small quantities in pairs (e.g. same number of buckets/cans, lids and accessories).

A further advantage of our small quantity offer - in combination with the wide range and depth of our product assortment - is that, in addition to the any large quantities you may require, you can also order smaller requirements for batch changes, test and retention samples, sampling, special fillings, variety and product development or other "internal requirements".

Of course we also offer you all "small quantities" in larger lot sizes, pallet goods or in complete loads.