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Fully automatic glass packer
Fully automatic glass packer

What would you like your packaging units to look like? As a sales partner of many renowned packaging manufacturers and thanks to our specialised packaging options, we can offer you batch and lot sizes of cardboard, pallets and customised display solutions (see Product Design).

With over 6,500 different articles, we offer a wide range of products that is unique in this combination of metal, glass and plastic packaging.

Wide range of products for food, non-food and industrial uses

We have been delivering individually packaged partial quantities to wholesalers, grocery chains, discount stores, self-marketers, industrial companies and bottlers of chemical/technical goods for many years. Many of our customers benefit from our storage capacities and order their packaging “just in time”. We order-pick plastic packaging in our own in-house Hygiene Station "factory sterile, just like the manufacturer”."

Private label, sales-ready for retail

We also develop, design and produce customised packaging (trays) and displays including labels, inserts, EAN codes and product identification labels for direct sales, also sales-ready on request, as a complete private label concept.

Years of expertise in 35,000 m2

Our operation only works with modern infrastructure, sophisticated logistics and a cooperation network with social enterprises for disabled people developed over 20 years (see Social Commitment).

In total, we transport over 100,000 pallets to sales locations with our own vehicles and cargo/jumbo carriers annually. And don’t forget almost 20,000 parcel shipments directly to our customers in Germany and other European countries.

Have we piqued your interest? Simply make an appointment with us and let us win you over with our wide range of customisable options.



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