Lidded drums

Plastic lidded drums are closed and secured with a lid and a metal clamping ring. The bulbous shape is perfectly suited for pallet-optimised transport. The containers made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are suitable for chemical solids and liquids, some of them also have UN approval for hazardous goods.

  • PE-lidded drum

    PE-lidded drums

    520 x 315 mm 30,0 l 1H2/X60/S
    620 x 400 mm 60,0 l 1H2/X150/S
    800 x 496 mm 120,0 l 1H2/X225/S
    965 x 503 mm 150,0 l 1H2/X232/S
    978 x 590 mm 220,0 l 1H2/X320/S