Plastic packaging

Plastic packagings with tamper-evident closures

Plastic packagings with tamper-evident closures offer many advantages. They are safe, well suited for preparation for sale (dips, sauces, barbecues or salads) and ideal for take-away/out-of-store sales. Beyond that plastic packagings can be used for delivery to retailers or party services. We offer trays with a volume from 125 ml, buckets from 190 ml and plastic cans from 180 ml. The containers are usually available in the colours natural, transparent and white.

Whether you are looking for round, oval, square or rectangular plastic packagings you will certainly find the solution you are looking for in our extensive portfolio. In addition to the products that are suitable for food we offer a wide range of containers for industrial bottlers, with and without UN/hazardous goods approval in stock. The laboratory olastic packagings produced by Kautex complete our portfolio

Your benefits

  • Cross-manufacturer assortment
  • Small quantities (exact quantities, paired) possible
  • Mixed packaging (manufacturer, material fractions (sheet metal, glass, plastic))
  • Factory sterile, as if from the manufacturer, thanks to own hygiene station

For further information regarding assortments, idividual needs, layout, decoration or label printing please contact our sales representatives (contact data below). 

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packaging for chemical and technical products

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Area Sales Manager / Field Services
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