Rectainer is a portmanteau of "rectangular" and "container". This type of packaging is very stable and thanks to the tamper-evident closure it can be safely closed, even when it is closed repeatedly. Rectainers are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Ideal for gastronomy, catering and party services as well as for private use as a storage box or transport box for food and lunchtime meals. 

  • Rectainer transparent

    Rectainer transparent

    1250 ml (44.0 fl.oz) - 1750 ml (61.6 fl.oz)

  • Rectainer white

    Rectainer white

    1250 ml (44.0 fl.oz) - 1750 ml (61.6 fl.oz)

  • Rectainer 1750 ml

    Rectainer 1750 ml


  • Rectainer transparent 2,5l

    Rectainer 2500 ml