Pails made of tinplate in various sizes with lids, some with rubberised lids and/or clamping ring closure and a base box for two-component containers.

Tinplate buckets offer advantages:

  • Easy and clean pouring due to the thin rim of the bucket 
  • High tightness of the metal buckets due to the rubber seal in the lid 
  • Long storage stability for difficult products 
  • Thanks to the large, ring-less opening, all metal buckets can be emptied optimally
  • Metal buckets are lightweight and can be resealed as often as required 
  • Conical buckets are stackable (space-saving) 

Well suited for solvent-based products such as paints and varnishes, glazes, oils, etc. Our metal buckets are not suitable for water-based products!

Metal buckets with hazardous goods approval are delivered with a fitting clamping ring and safety splint. The inspection number is embossed on tinplate buckets with UN hazardous goods approval.

Details on packaging units etc. can be found in the product overview "Buckets and hobbocks".

If you have any questions regarding technical specifications, order processing or delivery conditions, please contact us directly.

  • Tinplate bucket

    Tinplate bucket

    3,0 l (105.6 fl.oz) - 20,0 l (703.9 fl.oz)

  • Hobbock


    Bucket with lateral carrying handles
    20,0 l (703.9 fl.oz) - 30,0 l (1055.9 fl.oz)