With the development of the first blow moulding machine almost 70 years ago Kautex started producing bottles and containers made of polyethylene. Today Kautex Textron is one of the leading suppliers on the European market and the first choice when it comes to the most stringent requirements for laboratory packaging, retention samples and test batches. Some helpful explanations:


LDPE stands for Low Density Polyethylene (a semi-crystalline thermoplastic material, which is produced by the polymerisation of ethene).


HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene.

Narrow-neck bottles

These Kautex plastic bottles made of food grade, shatter-proof polyethylene are flexible, easy to squeeze, leakproof and have good recovery properties.

Medium-neck bottles

Kautex all-purpose bottles with an embossed scale for contents for universal use in laboratories and industry. The medium-wide neck opening makes the filling and cleaning of these Kautex bottles convenient. They are leakproof and have good chemical resistance.

Wide-neck bottles/containers

Due to their wide neck opening Kautex wide-neck bottles are easy to fill and clean. As they are leakproof they are particularly suitable for liquids, paste-like substances and granulates. We stock Kautex wide-necked PP, LDPE and HDPE containers with hazardous goods approval.