"Goblet" is the generic term for glasses that can be called wine, champagne or stemware glasses. Normally the term is used to distinguish goblets form bar or cocktail glasses, water, juice and beer glasses. Goblets consist of the "chalice", the so-called cuppa, containing the drink, the stem and the base plate. Differences due to the glass quality and different manufacturing processes can be identified at the transitions connecting cuppa, stem and base plate.

Chalices were known in a lot of advanced civilizations and were initially made of wood or metal. In the middle ages the first goblets appeared. Especially Italy was famous for its filigran goblets. Over time Italy lost the leading role in glass manufacturing and the popular goblets came now from Bohemia and Silesia.

Until the 19th century goblets were bought by aristocrats and rich people, but over time they got more common in normal households. Nowadays there are countless shapes and qualities of goblets belonging to the category of tableware or rather tabletop. For every type of grape there are dozens of special goblets – beginning from the simple pressed glass costing some euro cents up to mouth-blown unique glasses. Regardless of which goblet you choose it’s for sure that shape and quality influence the taste of the drink.

We offer you goblets produced by famous German and European manufacturers in different series, sizes and forms. We would like to give you advice individually. Here are some examples:

  • Atelier Pinot Noir Rioja

    Atelier Pinot Noir Rioja

    610 ml (21.4 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Barolo Shiraz

    Atelier Barolo Shiraz

    700 ml (24.6 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Cabernet Merlot

    Atelier Cabernet Merlot

    700 ml (24.6 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Chianti

    Atelier Chianti

    550 ml (19.4 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Cocktail

    Atelier Cocktail

    300 ml (10.6 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Gourmet

    Atelier Gourmet

    550 ml (19.4 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Grappa

    Atelier Grappa

    80 ml (2.8 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Orvieto Classico Chardonnay

    Atelier Orvieto Classico Chardonnay

    700 ml (24.6 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Prosecco Champagne

    Atelier Prosecco Champagne

    270 ml (9.5 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Riesling Tocai

    Atelier Riesling Tocai

    400 ml (14.1 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Sparkling Wine

    Atelier Sparkling Wine

    200 ml (6.8 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Vino Bianco

    Atelier Vino Bianco

    350 ml (12.3 fl.oz)

  • Atelier Vino Rosso

    Atelier Vino Rosso

    350 ml (12.3 fl.oz)

  • I Meravigliosi Barolo Shiraz

    I Meravigliosi Barolo Shiraz

    750 ml (26.4 fl.oz)

  • I Meravigliosi Cabernet Merlot

    I Meravigliosi Cabernet Merlot

    700 ml (24.6 fl.oz)

  • I Meravigliosi Champagne Prosecco

    I Meravigliosi Champagne Prosecco

    400 ml (14.1 fl.oz)

  • I Meravigliosi Chardoannay Tocai

    I Meravigliosi Chardoannay Tocai

    450 ml (15.8 fl.oz)

  • I Meravigliosi Moscato Spumante

    I Meravigliosi Moscato Spumante

    300 ml (10.6 fl.oz)

  • I Meravigliosi Sangiovese Chianti

    I Meravigliosi Sangiovese Chianti

    550 ml (19.4 fl.oz)

  • I Meravigliosi Sauternes Riesling

    I Meravigliosi Sauternes Riesling

    350 ml (12.3 fl.oz)

  • Electra Flute

    Electra Flute

    165 ml (5.8 fl.oz)

  • Electra Small

    Electra Small

    350 ml (12.3 fl.oz)

  • Electra Medium

    Electra Medium

    440 ml (15.5 fl.oz)

  • Electra Large

    Electra Large

    550 ml (19.4 fl.oz)

  • Eco Acqua

    Eco Acqua

    230 ml (8.1 fl.oz)

  • Eco Flute

    Eco Flute

    180 ml (6.3 fl.oz)

  • Eco Vino

    Eco Vino

    175 ml (6.2 fl.oz)

  • Nexo Bianco

    Nexo Bianco

    380 ml (13.4 fl.oz)

  • Nexo Flute

    Nexo Flute

    240 ml (8.4 fl.oz)

  • Nexo Gran Rosso

    Nexo Gran Rosso

    540 ml (19.0 fl.oz)

  • Nexo Rosso

    Nexo Rosso

    450 ml (15.8 fl.oz)

  • Spazio Champagne

    Spazio Champagne

    305 ml (10.7 fl.oz)

  • Spazio Flute

    Spazio Flute

    190 ml (6.7 fl.oz)

  • Spazio Medium

    Spazio Medium

    400 ml (14.1 fl.oz)

  • Spazio XL

    Spazio XL

    640 ml (22.5 fl.oz)